Do You Know Who Really Drives Your Car?

Do You Know Who Really Drives Your Car?

Thanks to Newky, the new generation digital key, you can now know exactly who is actually driving the vehicle in many transportation vehicles, from public transportation vehicles (such as buses, taxis, minibuses) to fleet vehicles (such as cars, buses, trucks, trucks), from shared vehicles (such as Getir AraƧ, Tiktak, Moov) to micro mobility vehicles (such as scooters, mopeds, e-bikes).

What is Newky?

Newky creates a mobile digital key with biometric data and credentials and matches the user with the vehicle, device or transit system. Thus, only the specified person can use the vehicle. In vehicles such as company cars or taxis, only identified drivers can be allowed to use the vehicle, preventing unidentified users from using the vehicle.

The system works like this:

  1. The vehicle driver creates a record.
  2. Enters personal information.
  3. The GSM received by the user is verified.
  4. The driver uploads his/her ID photo.
  5. Registers the driver's face.
  6. The identification process is completed.
  7. Logs in with the defined person face before starting driving.
  8. In vehicles such as taxis, the tablet verifies the license.
  9. The identified driver is ready to go.

This verifies that only the specified person is driving the vehicle. The digital key also provides end-to-end protection, creating a cyber firewall and protecting against external intrusion. A strong shield against cyber-attacks is also created by granting usage permissions to defined drivers.

In addition, two-factor authentication reduces the risk of damage to vehicles as the user identity is known in taxis, fleet vehicles, shared vehicles and micro mobility vehicles. Vehicle owners are protected against vandalism.

What does safe travel with Newky do?

Thanks to Newky, knowing who is actually driving the vehicle is beneficial in many ways: