What is Newky

What is the Newky “Digital key of Physical World”?

Newky, which sets out with the motto "Digital key to the physical world", offers a brand new experience to all its users. Newky creates a mobile digital key with biometric data and credentials to match the user with the vehicle, device or access system. The digital key Newky also provides end-to-end protection, creating a cyber firewall and protecting against external interventions.

What is the use of a digital key on the road?

Newky is a new generation digital key that enables vehicles to recognize their users, providing a secure travel experience. Thanks to its two-factor authentication, it offers many advantages to prevent fraud and abuse and eliminate damages in fleet vehicles such as buses, trucks, trucks, shared vehicles such as Getir Araç, Tiktak, Moov and micro mobility vehicles such as scooters, mopeds, e-bikes and public transportation vehicles such as buses, taxis, minibuses. Digital key Newky shields against cyber-attacks while providing usage authorization to defined drivers. It minimizes potential risks while making the risk measurable with drive reliability scoring.

Newky, the digital key to the physical world, was developed by the young, dynamic and talented Texinsight team, which has been developing projects on artificial intelligence, image processing and deep learning technologies since 2019.

How to use the digital key?

Today, thanks to biometric data and the digitization of personal documents such as IDs/driver's licenses/passports, a digital person is created. Since this digital person is located on the users' own cell phone, phones turn into digital keys. This system increases security in many areas and eliminates fraud risks.

Thanks to Newky, which verifies the documents and biometric images of taxi drivers, taxi rides become a much safer and risk-free process. Because it is known who the taxi driver really is. The digital key is also very practical to use. First, the driver of the vehicle logs into the system. After entering the information, the verification mobile code is received. Identity registration is created. After facial recognition, the digital ID is ready.

Before the vehicle is driven, the driver's face is checked with a camera. Identity and vehicle are matched.

When the passenger gets into the vehicle, he opens the Newky application. He scans the QR code in the taxi.

The driver's identity is verified on the tablet in the taxi. User control is provided in vehicles with GPS tracking.

Making your life easier, increasing your security and opening many doors in the physical world, Newky offers a multi-experience environment to all its users. While you have the permission to use a vehicle, it also allows you to enter through an authorized access system. It is used safely in many sectors from mini mobile vehicles to fleets, from shared vehicles to rental vehicles, from call applications to vehicle tracking systems.

In addition to all these sectors, Newky will offer brand new opportunities for users in places such as buildings, homes, R&D centers and private areas with its access system.

Newky, which turns your cell phone into a digital key, has ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management System certificates. Thanks to its advanced biometric technology, it provides the perfect balance between customer experience, security and ease of use.