Shared Vehicles, a Growing Trend in Big Cities!

Shared Vehicles, a Growing Trend in Big Cities!

What does car-sharing do? Car-sharing is becoming an increasingly popular sector; provides many advantages especially in big cities and prevents problems such as environmental pollution and parking problems. People who need a car can experience the comfort of a private car for as long as they want by renting vehicles with the features they want from the regions close to them. Although car sharing has similar features to the car rental system, it offers conveniences such as hourly rental, proximity, the ability to realize the rental process in a short time, and the opportunity to receive 24/7 service. Companies such as Getir AraƧ, Tiktak and Moov provide car sharing services in Turkey.

Sharing economy and security The "sharing economy", which we are hearing more and more about all over the world, was born as a global response to the system of overconsumption. This economic model is a model of sharing resources, that is, using them when needed instead of owning them. Especially thanks to advances in technology, people now use many products and services only as much as they need and pay for what they use. Car sharing is nowadays the most reasonable solution to the transportation problems associated with dense populations, especially in chaotic cities.

Why are car sharing apps popular? People are interested in car sharing for many reasons:

The high cost of buying both new and used cars Difficulties in transportation in big cities, density in public transportation Problem finding a parking space Increasing environmental pollution

Shared cars offer many benefits to both users and the world: Each shared car removes an average of 11 private cars from traffic. This prevents an increase in exhaust emissions, which are very harmful to the environment. It alleviates traffic congestion by reducing the need for individuals to buy new cars. Reduces the need for new parking lots in big cities. Reducing the costs of individual car ownership.

In recent history, the car-sharing model was first developed in 1948 by a cooperative in Switzerland, but it was not successful in those years due to lack of financial management, planning and communication. Today, thanks to the widespread use of the internet and smartphones, it is practical and quick for everyone to access a car.

One of the biggest risks for car owners in a car-sharing system is the possibility of drivers other than the designated driver. The inability to control the driver brings security issues and risks such as vandalism. Thanks to Newky, the digital key to the physical world, only registered users are allowed in car rental companies and sharing applications. No one other than the registered user can use the shared vehicle.

Newky, which turns the mobile phone into a digital key, offers a technology that enables the user and the vehicle to match by creating a mobile digital key with biometric data and credentials. By using the digital key, it is understood whether the driver is really the person specified. Thus, the digital key Newky also protects the vehicle owner against possible risks and extra costs.