What is Newky

Technology Internship at Newky: Real Work Experience!

Internship experience is extremely important for students who want to step into the world of technology. As Newky, we love meeting students and providing them with internship opportunities. We offer technology enthusiasts the chance to get to know the ecosystem of the industry before they graduate.

Offering many privileges such as real work experience, working with a dynamic team, networking opportunities and access to technology trends, Newky provides students with great advantages in internship. This internship opportunity supports students to communicate with professionals in the industry, experience the real dynamics of the business world and shape their careers.

While our interns gain practical experience by taking part in real projects, they also develop their skills to produce original solutions. Our leaders and team support the development of interns and provide regular feedback. This is an important opportunity for students to further their skills and develop themselves professionally.

Newky's open offices offer students the opportunity to connect with key players in the industry. Through workplace visits, events and seminars, interns can meet industry professionals, share experiences and create valuable connections. This connection can also give students an advantage in finding a job after the internship period.

Keeping up with the rapid changes in the world of technology is important for a successful career. At Newky, we provide our interns with the latest technology trends and encourage them to keep up to date with current developments in the industry. In this way, students develop their vision in the field of technology and are better prepared for the business world of the future.

Newky offers students flexible internship options that fit their academic calendar. With options such as summer semester, mid-semester or weekly internships, time frames can be determined to suit the needs of students. This flexibility aligns students' internship experience with their academic life and allows them to gain valuable experience.

Students who want to step into the industry before graduation can benefit from the internship opportunities offered by Newky. For detailed information, you can visit our website or contact us via our LinkedIn accounts. As Newky, we are here to support future technology leaders and offer them an unforgettable internship experience.