In Which Sectors Newky Can Make Your Life Will It Make It Easier and Increase Your Security?

Newky, the digital key to the physical world, offers a new generation digital key experience to its users in many sectors.

It offers many benefits in various sectors, from public transportation vehicles (buses, taxis, minibuses, etc.) to fleet vehicles (cars, buses, trucks, lorries, etc.), from shared vehicles (Getir AraƧ, Tiktak, Moov, etc.) to micro mobility vehicles (scooters, mopeds, e-bikes, etc.). It also develops brand new user-friendly technologies in access systems used in buildings, homes, R&D centers and private areas.

How to increase security in company vehicles? Today, one of the most important expense items in small, medium or large companies company vehicles. The popularity of long-term car rental, which offers many advantages in terms of both cost and ease of use, is increasing day by day. Companies that prefer long-term car rental save time, human resources and overall cost without having to deal with operating processes such as maintenance, damage, repair, insurance, second-hand value and tax.

However, one of the problems with company vehicles is that it is not known who is actually driving the vehicle and non-company drivers can easily use these vehicles. Extra costs and risks are incurred when drivers other than defined drivers use the vehicles. Newky, the new generation digital key, offers companies a definitive solution to this problem. It creates a mobile digital key with biometric data and credentials, enabling the user and the vehicle to match. It turns the mobile phone into a digital key, allowing the driver who identifies his face to use the vehicle. Thus, only the identified driver can use the vehicle, increasing potential risks and safety, and the vehicle route can be tracked thanks to the GPS system.

How to travel safely in a shared car? Another sector that is becoming more and more popular for individual users is shared cars. The growing population, the problem of finding parking spaces, environmental problems and high transportation costs are leading to an increasing preference for shared vehicles. Car sharing systems bring together car owners and people who need a vehicle. While the car owner determines the times when he does not use his vehicle and rents it out through the car sharing system and earns income, he also reduces problems such as environmental pollution and traffic due to vehicle use. Newky ensures that vandalism is prevented and possible risks are reduced by identifying users in shared vehicles.

Another growing sector is micro mobility vehicles, which are used for closer distances within the city. Micro mobility vehicles are generally small and lightweight vehicles that can travel at a maximum speed of 25 km/h, ideal for journeys of up to 10 km. Micro mobility vehicles such as scooters and bicycles provide an alternative solution to the traffic problem and are also very advantageous for the environment. Newky also identifies users in the micro mobility sector, reducing potential damage to vehicles and enabling vehicle tracking thanks to the digital key.

How can I travel safely in a taxi? One of the most widely used means of transportation in big cities is undoubtedly taxis. One of the biggest problems in the taxi industry is security. Thanks to Newky, which verifies the documents and biometric images of taxi drivers, taxi rides become a much more risk-free process. The passenger boarding the vehicle verifies the identity of the driver by scanning the QR code on the taxi and continues his journey in a much safer way. The driver, on the other hand, verifies his/her face with the camera before driving the vehicle and matches his/her identity and the vehicle. The use of a digital key allows the driver to verify that the driver is indeed who they say they are. The digital key also protects the vehicle owner against possible risks and extra costs. The new generation digital key Newky increases security in many sectors, reduces risks, provides end-to-end protection, creates a cyber firewall and protects against external interference. In the access management sector, it offers cardless use thanks to the digital key in the phone for access, and provides password-free high-security access to computers and files.