Taxi rides are much safer with Newky.

How to ensure safe transportation?

With the rapid population growth, big cities are becoming more crowded, the need for transportation is increasing, and the problems related to the use of taxis are also growing. Safety is one of the most fundamental problems in taxi use. According to a survey conducted by IBB Istanbul Planning Agency, 51.9 percent of women do not prefer to use taxis at night because they do not find it safe. Although traditional methods such as calling a taxi from the station and taking a taxi on the road remain dominant, the rate of digitalization in taxi use is increasing rapidly. Respondents who prefer taxi hailing apps state that they prefer such apps because they are easy to find a taxi and are monitored. Identifying and verifying the real identity of the taxi user makes the journeys much safer.

How does a digital key work in a taxi?

Thanks to Newky, which verifies the documents and biometric images of taxi drivers, taxi rides become a much more risk-free process. Because both passengers and vehicle owners know who the taxi driver really is. The passenger who gets into the vehicle sees that the driver's identity has been verified by scanning the QR code on the taxi and continues his journey in a much safer way. The driver, on the other hand, verifies his face with the camera before driving the vehicle, matching his identity and the vehicle. Thanks to the use of a digital key, it is understood whether the driver is really the person specified. The digital key also protects the vehicle owner against possible risks and extra costs.

User control is easy with GPS tracking in traffic!

Newky, the digital key of the physical world, creates an important firewall against the increasing risks of fraud. Newky, which eliminates the risk of fraud in transportation vehicles thanks to identity verification, makes the risk measurable with driver reliability scoring, and shields against cyber-attacks by allowing only defined drivers to use, also provides user control in vehicles with GPS tracking.

It is possible to see where the vehicle is and who is driving it.

Thanks to Newky, the digital key turns into security, comfortable travel, risk-free transportation and a better taxi service in the physical world. Verification of taxi driver's licenses and biometric images with Newky makes passengers feel safer on their journeys and protects vehicle owners from risks.