Transportation systems in cities are changing rapidly and micro-mobility and carpooling are on the rise. Vehicles such as electric bicycles, electric scooters and shared cars are becoming popular for people to travel short distances. However, these new transportation trends come with risks of vandalism. However, technological advances are also offering solutions in this area.

Newky, which aims to reduce the risk of damage to vehicles and eliminate possible vandalism incidents by verifying the identity of its users, provides a digital key system to vehicle owners.

Newky ensures the safe use of vehicles by verifying the identities of vehicle users. Users must go through a predetermined authentication process in order to obtain digital keys. This prevents the vehicles from falling into the hands of malicious people or unauthorized damage to the vehicles.

At the same time, Newky can easily manage which users can access which tools through the digital key. This prevents unauthorized persons from accessing the vehicles and keeps them safe.

It also reduces costs by preventing damages caused by improper use of the vehicle with the driving restrictions it can impose.

In conclusion, while the risks of vandalism are increasing with the use of micro-mobility, shared vehicles and fleet vehicles, technological advances are making it possible to reduce these risks and increase security. Digital key systems such as Newky verify the identity of vehicle users, reducing the risk of damage to vehicles and eliminating potential vandalism incidents. By reducing costs and increasing security, this is a huge advantage for vehicle owners and fleet operators. Biometric authentication is a growing trend in the mobility industry and is likely to play an increasingly important role in the future.