Newky at Paris Autonomy Mobility

Newky at Paris Autonomy Mobility

Newky was at the Paris Autonomy Fair this year with Fark Labs, the global innovation and transformation center that aims to build a better future for everyone, and the startups it supports, Byqee, Comodif, Entrapeer, MOBIQU, REKROM OPTOELECTRONICS, Yapıdrom Mobility. The latest technologies in the mobility sector, industry leaders and visitors came together at the Paris Autonomy Fair. Newky attracted attention of visitors with its technology that turns cell phones into digital keys using biometric data and credentials.

In today's rapidly advancing digital age, cell phones are now in every aspect of our lives. The world of mobility is also taking its share from this technological transformation and many innovative technologies have started to be used in the mobility sector.

Newky offers an innovative digital key technology to increase the security of users in the mobility world and simplify authentication processes. With this technology, users can turn their mobile phone into a digital key to gain access to vehicles, equipment and hardware. For this, Newky uses biometric-based multi-factor authentication.

Newky's digital key technology can be used not only in the mobility sector, but also in other sectors such as car rental, fleet management, logistics, security and access management. Thanks to this technology, authentication and security processes can be accelerated, and measures can be taken against vehicle theft and other security threats by providing access only to defined users.

Newky's digital key technology seems to play an important role in the future of mobility. This technology, which enables an important step forward in security in the mobility sector, will speed up authentication processes and increase security.