How to prevent fraud with a digital key?

How to prevent fraud with a digital key?

Fraud in Means of Transportation with Newky and You Can Prevent Abuse!

Newky, the next generation digital key, creates a mobile digital key with biometric data and credentials and offers a technology that enables the user and the vehicle, device or access system to match. Thus, it creates a cyber firewall by providing end-to-end protection against fraud and abuse in many sectors and provides protection against external interventions.

Today, companies and individual users use digital keys to protect their important data and systems. Thanks to the digital key, only authorized users can access files or systems, and thanks to cyber security, company information is protected against external interference.

How to prevent fraud with a digital key?

At the same time, in public transportation vehicles, shared vehicles, micro mobility vehicles, the digital key matches the user identity with the vehicle, eliminating possible damage to the vehicle or fraud possibilities. In transportation vehicles such as company cars or taxis, it is very important to identify the driver. With Newky, only identified people can use the vehicle to prevent abuse, and the GPS system allows you to see where the vehicle is located.

Newky prevents fraud and abuse risks and creates a safe environment for drivers and passengers by identifying the authorized user thanks to the digital key that can be used in public vehicles such as ambulances, fire brigades, trucks and public transportation vehicles such as buses, taxis and minibuses.

Newky for tourist safety

Newky, the new generation digital key, enables citizens, tourists, men and women, and all passengers to use public transportation day and night with peace of mind. It offers a safe travel experience by eliminating question marks in many means of transportation.

Verification of the vehicle user by Newky means reducing the possibility of fraud and crime. At the same time, the vehicle can be easily tracked in case of possible risks. Preventing activities such as fraud, crime, discrediting, tax evasion in transportation vehicles and the loss of reputation and income caused by these activities are among the solutions offered by Newky. Newky means a safe travel experience for both vehicle owners and passengers in many sectors.